Announcement: the Launch of the Newly Independent “Kygo”

We’re delighted to announce that we are branching out from OWL Investments to inaugurate a fresh venture, “希合KYGO”. Originally conceived in 2009 as a provider of M&A and investment guidance, “希合KYGO” is a name I’ve long associated with our mission to create value by integrating the aspirations of diverse individuals and businesses globally.

Tracing the journey of KYGOy, it began as KYGO 1.0, offering investment advice to Japanese and Chinese corporations from 2009. We then evolved into KYGO 2.0, founding OWL Investments in 2015, which marked our foray into the world of bitcoin mining and overseas migration services. Our next iteration, “KYGO3.0”, is now in the works. In line with this, we have assumed control of OWL Hong Kong Limited, renaming it in the process.

At 希合KYGO, our goal is to assist individual investors, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs in navigating to locations that offer favorable environments, investment opportunities, and advice on digital  assets, unencumbered by political and diplomatic influences. We are determined to enhance these services further.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds,

Masahiro Honna
October 1, 2023